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Time and Materials IT Support

No matter the size of your business, a situation will arise where you require competent and swift IT support to maximise your business productivity. Furthermore, you may wish to consult an experienced professional on how to leverage the correct technology and solutions to keep your business competitive technologically.

Our Time and Materials Support offering is the perfect solution for you. It is a reactive support solution that gives you the peace of mind that your employees can contact a support team that is ready to assist them when your IT infrastructure is not performing to its potential. We can also troubleshoot any network or server related issues, or provide feedback on the current status of automated system processes, such as backups, to give you peace of mind that systems are running as expected.
Costs incurred for support are as follows:

On Site Support:

1 x Callout Fee
Minimum 1 hour On-site support, thereafter in 30 minute increments.

Remote Desktop Support

No Callout Fee
Minimum 15 Minutes support, thereafter in 15 minute increments.
Remote Desktop Support is performed via our support portal. Once the session to your computer is closed, we cannot reconnect unless we provide you with a new link or joining code.


Please contact our Office on 0219108180 to confirm pricing for relevant services.