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Monitoring Support

Your business has critical systems that are either located on servers (physical or virtualized) on site, hosted, or in the cloud. Furthermore, these services are dependent on optimal performance of your network and internet environment. In order to ensure optimal up-time, it is essential that these are monitored to ensure proactive maintenance and repairs can be made before you incur downtime.

Spearhead IT Industries uses leading monitoring technology to monitor, among other things, the following:

  • Critical system services are running
  • Services such on-site or off-site backups have completed successfully
  • Disks are not degraded or in caution state
  • Disk capacity is within acceptable parameters
  • Internet Services are running
  • Server or computer hardware failures
  • Websites and web services are available (Exchange, Remote Desktop, DNS, Active Sync)
  • SMTP servers are not blacklisted
  • Server Certificates are not about to expire
  • Critical network devices are not offline
  • Antivirus services are running and up to date
  • Notification of critical operating system vulnerabilities
  • Software inventories on monitored PC’s and Servers
  • Suspicious network traffic
  • Network errors
  • Unapproved software installed


Spearhead IT Industries charges a fixed monthly fee to monitor essential IT services. Should critical issues be detected, these are escalated to key decision makers, and attended to on a Time and Materials basis.

Costs incurred for support are as follows:

On Site Support:

1 x Callout Fee
Minimum 1 hour On-site support, thereafter in 30 minute increments.

Remote Desktop Support

No Callout Fee
Minimum 15 Minutes support, thereafter in 15 minute increments.
Remote Desktop support is performed via our support portal. Once the session to your computer is closed, we cannot reconnect unless we provide you with a new link or joining code.

Please contact our Office on 0219108180 to confirm pricing for relevant services.